Talk About Trees

Kookaburra in Australian tree

We want you to start a conversation!  Talk to your friends, family and colleagues and let them know that you care about urban tree canopy.

So many people love trees but don’t realise that:

  • Perth is the most barren major city in Australia with just 16% tree canopy cover and this cover is still shrinking
  • Western Australia has the weakest tree protections in the nation
  • WA's existing planning framework means developers can currently clear a block BEFORE lodging a development application
  • Perth has Australia’s hottest summers, and yet we don’t have a Tree Canopy Target or regulation of the removal of large trees
  • Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart all have a Tree Canopy Target
  • Retaining and expanding our tree canopy will lower temperatures in our cities and suburbs by up to 10°C – and that’s just ONE of the amazing benefits that trees bring to our community and environment.

So get chatting and let people know this issue really matters in WA's cities and towns!