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As a kid, did you love climbing or playing under a big old tree? So did we.

We are WATCA - Western Australian Tree Canopy Advocates

WATCA is a community-driven organisation established to address the Tree Canopy Crisis happening in Perth and other WA cities. Perth has the lowest canopy cover of any capital in Australia - and it's getting worse. We support the protection and expansion of tree canopy in urban centres across WA.

WATCA is the state umbrella for a growing network of local Tree Canopy Advocacy groups representing 27 Local Government Areas across WA and more than 23,000 community members who want the state government and councils to take urgent action.

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We have local groups across the Perth metro area, as well as groups in Bunbury, Serpentine Jarrahdale, Mandurah and Geraldton. We're getting bigger everyday - join us to show your support for trees!

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Perth has the lowest tree canopy of any capital city in Australia, the hottest summers and NO tree protections - unlike everywhere else in the country.

Perth is losing 80% of trees on PRIVATE LAND. So no matter how many saplings we plant on public land, we can NEVER catch up without private land tree regulation.

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart have all regulated the
removal of large trees on private land for decades.

Perth and other cities across WA have no regulation of tree removal
on private land and our cities have NO TREE CANOPY TARGET.

This is not 'Houses vs Trees' or Housing Crisis vs Tree Canopy Crisis. Sustainable Development must include Trees if we want a healthy, resilient community and a liveable future - it's really that simple.

We must stop clearing blocks of mature trees as a matter of course.

We must increase density while retaining as many large trees as possible, especially those close to the boundary that will not impact a build.

We call on the WA Labor Government to:

Regulate the Removal of Large Trees on private land


Set a 30% by 2040 Tree Canopy Target for Perth

Trees Cool Our Cities

Adequate tree canopy can lower air temperature in urban areas by up to 10°C...and that’s just one of the amazing benefits that trees bring to our community and environment.

Perth is facing a Tree Canopy Crisis - we must urgently set a
30% by 2040 Tree Canopy Target to retain and expand our tree cover
if we want liveable suburbs as heatwaves become the norm.

WATCA seeks to work collaboratively with the WA State Government, councils,
the private sector and community to develop sensible and effective statewide
regulation of the removal of large trees on public and private land. 

We’re on a mission to create awareness, foster community engagement and drive
regulatory change, because once our precious trees are gone, it’s too late

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How Good Are Trees?

Trees have SO many amazing benefits!

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